Why rainwear?

From a young age onwards I really loved playing with water, either in the bath tub, the sink, or after the rain stopped and puddles were everywhere to jump in. At a later age, after having seen some beautiful nature around Europe, that love turned more into a fascination of moving water. Small creeks with water streaming through it, the waves in the sea pounding the rocks at shore, or the huge thunderstorms bringing tons of rain: it made me appreciate nature and the forces it can unleash.

Wearing rainwear gives me the chance to defy those forces, and be a sort of superhero in my own way. Put on a rainsuit and rainboots and nothing can hurt you anymore. It gives a feeling of security, power, and is still practical and even fashionable if combined well.

66North rainwear and Hunter rain boots

By creating this website I hope to be able to share some of my passion for rainwear and give people an idea how they can use raingear to create a fashionable outfit that is more than just protection against rain. Besides, writing about different brands, styles, and materials forces me to do research, find inspiration, and practice my English.

I fully understand that people visiting this site will have different expectations and look for different things: some communicate this by private message although most communications I receive are very respectful and helpful. Basically I want to state that I like the stance of the Editorial of Rainwear Review magazine, as published in the summer of 1970: “why should a magazine designed to promote clothing advocate semi nudity or cater for a minority whose interests are adequately covered by other publications?”. If you are looking for (semi) nudity involving raingear there are enough websites where you can get this free of charge, or for a small charge.

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