Rainwear community

drysuits and wetsuits

Wetsuits and drysuits
Heavy-duty rubber gear and tight neoprene

pvc sauna suit

Sauna suits and rainwear
Hot, sweaty, and slippery in sauna suits and rainwear

interviw behind the picture yellow PVC rainsuit on the beach

Behind the picture episode 7
Dressed in yellow PVC on the beach. Innocently or not?

wet and messy WAM sploshing mudding mud play in rainwear rainsuit

Mud and Wet & Messy play
A careful slide into the “dirty” world of mud and WAM

Rainwear girls in PVC gear on national television

Behind the picture episode 6
Three print screens from modern day television shows

how to enter the rainwear fetish scene advice fetish community

Readers’ question
Advice for a newcomer to the rainwear scene; meeting up

pvc rainwear fetish

Fetish – origins and cure
Where does a fetish come from and how to get rid of it?

66north heavy duty PVC rainwear

Building the community
An overview of the online rainwear community

hazmat from fetish to fashion

Hazmat suits
Full protection, from fetish to fashion, a deep-dive

latex kitty from fetish rainwear dot com in green heavy-duty PVC rainsuit

Behind the picture episode 5
Kitty in a dark green Helly Hansen Nusfjord set

PVC raincoat

PolyVinyl Chloride (PVC)
A complete look at PolyVinyl Chloride, man-made rubber

Coming out and dating
Who to tell about your fetish, how, and ways to meet up

rainwear fetish community

The Fear Of Missing Out
Comparing yourself to other rainwear enthusiasts

rubber rainwear fetish community in Japan

Rainwear enthusiasts in Japan
The (rubber) rainwear fetish community in Japan

heavy-duty PVC rainwear fetish

Behind the picture episode 4
Beautiful models in heavy-duty protective gear by Greenjoker

rainweargirl adele from south africa

Behind the picture episode 3
The one and only Rainweargirl in shiny green

eileen in bright yellow pvc rainwear and rubber riding boots

Behind the picture episode 2
Bright yellow rainwear and a beautiful smile

vintage agu regenpak blauw en oranje

Behind the picture episode 1
Vintage rubberized Agu rainwear and abs

gas mask and rainwear

Gas masks
The link between gas masks and rainwear, from history to fetish

guy cotten rainwear walk with mud

Video – Above&Beyond
A walk through wet grass, puddles, and mud in rainwear

A look at how to combine gloves with rainwear