Favorit rainwear from Ukraine

One of the reasons I started this website was to force myself to dive deeper into the world of rainwear and have a broader view of what is on offer instead of just focusing on some of the biggest and most famous brands. One of these discoveries I was hoping for is the Favorit rainwear brand from the Ukraine. Some time ago I came across this brand and more recently a reader pointed me towards it again, so why not go a bit deeper into this brand and see what it has for offer?

favorit rainwear ukraine

Favorit produces rainwear for professional use with a focus on meeting ISO standards and being able to offer customization for larger orders at competitive prices, so judging them by fashion standards is not really fair as they are not aiming to be the next fashion brand. But that does not mean we are not allowed to see what they have on offer and enjoy their product pictures. Their range of products covers most ground you would expect for raingear ranging from coats, jackets, and pants to ponchos and waders. Besides the most obvious rainwear accessories, namely rain hats and gloves, this brand can protect you from any storm you can imagine.

favorit rainwear raingear workwear from the ukraine

Most items are available in several versions where the buyer can pick the thickness, or quality, of the material and the model complexity where the “Standard plus” version is the “Standard” version with reflective elements added and a zipper for the jackets, and the “Premium” version has 2 colors instead of just one plain color. Due to the reflective elements the Plus and Premium version of their rainwear quickly moves to obvious workwear leaving the Standard version to focus on further from a fashion perspective.

favorit rainwear pvc ukraine workwear

The most eye-catching product they have is clearly the standard yellow raincoat which has its simplicity going for it. It is exactly what you would expect from a simply raincoat, with as only downside that it only has buttons to close the jacket meaning you might run into trouble when it really starts to rain hard. Besides the brand logo on the pocket there is nothing that really distinguishes this raincoat, which is understandable for a workwear product but unfortunate from a more fashion perspective. It’s those little specific markings or color choices that make a brand interesting to me, for example the little black trim around the hood for the Aalesund brand or the logo on the pocket combined with the one reflective stripe around the right arm for Rukka. This brand could be a nice choice in case their products are readily available near you, but it is not a brand many would go out of their way for to get.

favorit PVC raincoat in yellow

What does stand out for this brand, and this is something I want to focus a bit more on, is the quality of their online presence. I gave this brand a second look because they seem to have covered everything needed digitally. The first thing that stands out is their very basic and simple website. And I mean that as a compliment. It is easy to navigate, there is little distraction, and the focus is on the products and nothing else.

favorit rainwear product range

Second the product pictures are very interesting. While it shows the rainwear items simply worn by a model from different angles I must compliment them on their choice of well-build male models showing their products giving the whole product range a manlier look and feel. Combine this with product pictures with the female model showing it can also look rather feminine. Personally I prefer these choices of models over the standard fashion models used by most other brands – where the men are often relatively feminine and the make-up makes most models coming straight out of a cartoon.

favorit pvc raincoat
favorit PVC raincoat in yellow

Finally the brand has a social media presence on most social media platforms, although their activity levels seem rather low there. They have probably created these profiles at one point to link back to their website to get as much traffic as possible but don’t really maintain or curate them further. This is not something I can blame them for as the brand is a workwear brand and I doubt they have many new pictures to present on a weekly basis, unlike fashion brands like Stutterheim or Hunter boots which get tagged on a daily basis by their customers who post pictures of the products.

favorit PVC raincoat in yellow

With this brand being based in the Ukraine and their focus on workwear I doubt you will ever run into a local store selling their products unless you are in that neighbourhood and really look for it. That doesn’t mean it was a useless exercise to highlight some of their product pictures as it broadens your horizon and we can just enjoy good pictures of nice looking rainwear.