Ilse Jacobsen rain boots from Denmark

While it was the Hunter brand that introduced rubber rain boots as fashionable footwear around 2005, it is Ilse Jacobsen that really combined practical and comfortable rubber boots into timeless fashion. The first time I saw her iconic rain boots with the white laces they immediately got my attention, and owning a pair of these rain boots is high on my wish list.

Ilse Jacobsen started her fashion career working for a shoe design company but instead of convincing others of her design ideas she set up her own shoe company in 1993. There she worked on her idea of creating a comfortable and trendy rain boot you could wear all day long. She accomplished this in 1999 by making the boots by hand, using 100% natural rubber, and adding laces to them so you could adjust them to the shape of your leg. The brand took off in Scandinavia and her products are currently distributed to more than 20 countries including branded shops in Scandinavia and Europe.

A quick look on the brands website shows they currently have a wide range of products, from dresses, sweaters, sandals, and heeled shoes, to rain boots and rain coats. While the choice of a wide range of products is understandable given the background of the company, only the rainwear collection (Rub & Rain) really stands out for me. I admit I do not belong to the target audience of women over the age of 35, but I do miss a distinct iconic style in the main collection which makes it rather generic in my view.

If you are interested in buying something of the Ilse Jacobsen brand I would immediately point you towards the Rub & Rain collection, and then specifically the iconic rain boots with laces and possibly the 2-tone raincoats as shown above. Especially the rain boots with laces stand out and will give your rainy day outfit a bit of flair.

My advice would be to go with the darker colors, at first at least. The rain boots are great when the white laces contrast the dark rubber and also the raincoat is on its best with white and dark blue. The same rain boots in bright color can be a nice addition at a later stage, to be a bit bolder and make more of a statement, but for most people they will be difficult to combine into a successful outfit. By sticking to the darker colors you are also sure you will be able to give your items their times worth, as the design is timeless.

Unfortunately the brand mainly focuses on women’s fashion, so no fashionable and comfortable rain boots are available for men at the moment. That said, the current design, which is a combination of classic rubber rain boots and Dr. Martens, could suit men as well. You can follow the brand on Instagram, where many beautiful pictures of products are available.

Let me know what you think of this brand, or, if you own something of Ilse Jacobsen, leave a review or your general perception of the products.