My clothing style

If i had to describe my own clothing style I would say it is kind of experimental, but always with function over form. Fashion should enhance how you feel, not push you in a certain way limiting your own style and expression. What I like most is creating totally different outfits with a limited wardrobe, something I have to do out of necessity as I don’t have much of a clothing budget as a student.

While I do like shopping for the big brands in the big department stores, I also like to find small shops carrying limited edition items from smaller designers. That is not to say one is better than the other, I just like to have some items in my wardrobe not everyone has or that are much harder to find.

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When I do buy items from the big brands, I normally stick to the products that really represent the brand and carry their heritage. This is something you will probably see back in my posts: I am not a big fan of famous brands producing every possible clothing item and covering it with their brand name and logo in a huge font. I rather stick to their core, and most iconic products, so the rest of my wardrobe can consist of smaller brands, or even brandless items, produced by upcoming designers and producers.

At the moment I have no identifiable pictures of myself on this website, as I am not always as confident about my looks as I maybe should be. I also think that keeping myself anonymous a little bit might give me more credit as I am not a veteran in this field nor want to limit my clothing advice to people who dress the same style as me. What I do plan to do is create my own design of raincoats in the coming years and of course model for them myself.