As you might have noticed, English is not my first language. I do my best to write error-free, but it is hard for me as I have trouble spotting my own mistakes. I partly use this website to practise my English language skills. Please bear with me.

Many pictures used on this page are found on the internet. For myself I follow the following guidelines on how to use pictures:

  • Fair use: pictures are used for purpose of criticism and commenting which is protected under Section 107 of the Copyright Act (USA):
    • the pictures were intended for public view
    • the creator of the pictures does not miss (financial) income by me using the picture
    • the pictures serve the purpose of supporting the content of the text
    • the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole is limited (do not use pictures from a private photographer exclusively or use his/her complete work portfolio)
  • I do not gain financially from publishing (no sponsorship, discounts, referral fees or free items, no advertisements)
  • Credit is given where possible – if I can find the source of the pictures I will backlink the source and/or mention the creator.
  • In case pictures are sourced from the official catalog, webpage, or social media account of a particular brand, the sources might not be mentioned.
  • If you do notice I have used a picture of which you are the owner, and you want to be credited (differently), backlinked (differently), or have it completely removed: contact me and I will comply. See my contact page for information on how to contact me.