Rainwear comics

This article is meant to showcase all the comics I have created, with the newest release presented at the top of the page. These comics are created in Adobe Photoshop (CS5) and the pictures used are made by me with Artificial Intelligence (paid subscription to an AI engine). Neither the models nor the gear shown is therefore real, and the stories are just made up. Well, not completely. Of course I stick to what I know best: me and my own life. So while the foundation of the stories can often be led back to my own experiences, I do represent the main character a lot more confident then I really am.

Now I am sure comics are not something for everyone, and that is perfectly fine with me. Still, creating these comics are not just a way of me expressing an idea, it is also an attempt to bring something new to the rainwear community which might inspire some or can simply entertain.

For me personally comics are actually quite important in exploring certain “fetish related” concepts as (drawn) pictures with text bubbles make specific things a lot easier to digest. What would be disturbing, boring, or simply strange to watch in porn is much easier to consume when a skilled artist puts it into the form of a comic. And where a movie leaves little to the imagination, as you can see every little detail and hear every moan or squeak, a few panels give you just enough to figure out the rest in your head making it a much more personalized fantasy.

Comic 6 – if you really want to know

rainwear comic strip fetish

Comic 5 – I love it when it rains

rainwear comic AI comic strip

Comic 4 – hope this is bright enough

rainwear comic

Comic 3 – something had to change

Comic 2 – be a bit more specific

Comic 1 – no such thing as bad weather