Behind the picture – yellow PVC

The goal of this “Behind the Picture” series is to explore not only the story behind a certain powerful or interesting rainwear picture but also the person depicted in the picture or the photographer who created the image. All too often a picture is shared online endlessly; the people in the picture are reduced to objects or subjected to speculation about their motivations and feelings, and nobody will ever find out what was really behind the image.

The Picture

The thing that initially caught my attention is the complete yellow raingear she is wearing, but what holds my attention is the overall vibe of simple innocent happiness that almost radiates from this picture. We see a beautiful young lady, dressed in rainwear, kneeling on the beach in the wet sand. The background looks deserted and a combination of the overhead clouds visible and the hair in her face indicate it must be a windy day at the coast. The woollen hat, warm scarf, and the way she holds her hands suggest it is pretty cold as well. And even though she shows a great smile you can almost see the cold wind blowing on her face tensing up her facial muscles just so slightly. She might have come there for the solitude of a deserted beach or simply enjoying the wind and waves. And while the raingear is remarkable, especially as it is an overload of yellow, it actually looks quite natural in this particular image.

That innocence might be misdirection though. A key feature in the picture, that many members of the rainwear community will quickly pick up on, are the bib pants that are worn over the raincoat. Wearing the combination this way negates the waterproof feature of the gear, as the smallest amount of rain would simply get into the trousers, but shows off the bib pants perfectly which is what people passionate about their rainwear would do.

The wet sand at the front of the bib pants are a second hint there is more going on. When wearing such an outfit for a regular stroll you would expect maybe some sand sticking to the bottom of the pants, and possible on the knees and butt in case she sat down at some point, but it goes up too high to be easily explained. It is very likely she has let herself drop on the wet sand right before this picture was taken, possibly for a previously taken picture or maybe just for fun.

The Story

Meet Abdullah Abdullah, which is a pseudonym for the photographer who has published images under a wide range of different names from Rainweargirltrainer, to varieties of Middle Eastern sounding names like Hassanhassan, Feisal Hassan, Akif Abdullah, Hassan Abbdullah, Mohamed Hassan, and many more.

Can you tell a bit more about this specific picture?

This is a picture taken somewhere in 2021. I cannot recall the exact month anymore, but it was somewhere during the winter months as you already deducted from the scarf and hat. The model is named Josine and we actually did a whole series of pictures on and around the beach area. Some more pictures made that same day are shown below. It was a very enjoyable photosession outdoors with some nice gear and a model who enjoyed posing and smiling for the camera.

TRIGGER WARNING: in the following part the overall work of the photographer will be discussed and this involves a worldview of inferior women, prostitution, and humiliation.

These pictures are actually not very representative for your overall body of work. Where there is a great degree of innocence and playfulness going on in this series, most of your other pictures are almost the exact opposite of innocent. Can you explain the overall theme of your work further?

There is no short answer possible here, which is the main reason why I express my view with pictures. Part of the message is expressed by the models in the picture and I normally add a description to my pictures explaining more of the background of what is going on. That description is either posted next to the picture or is added to the frame. An example of a picture from the same photoshoot, but now with text added, can be seen below.

The early innocence you described to this picture has now been completely removed. The smiley young lady who wears her yellow rainsuit to the beach for a stroll turned into a German prostitute who tries to earn income so her pimp boyfriend can purchase a high-end luxury car.

Added texts like these are also what caught my attention. There is certainly a lot going on with references to current topics like covid vaccines, climate change, and the European immigration. It is especially noticeable that the text combines elements that are generally seen as compassionate and socially acceptable, like worrying about climate change and following the government vaccination recommendations, but also things that are reprehensible like female inferiority, sexual exploitation, and “forced prostitution”. You got me intrigued, what is going on here?  

My work depicts a fantasy world that I have created where a group of perverse elite have taken control over society. This group consists of men, and some ugly women, who have adopted a sadistic version of Islamic culture where women are viewed as inferior. What women are allowed to do, or forced to do, depends on their descent: Islamic women are allowed to bear children and raise them, while the more inferior Western women are only good as domestic and sexual slaves. They are turned into a product for men to use and abuse. To humiliate these dhimmi ( = non-Islamic) whores completely they are dressed in ridiculous rubber and plastic clothes which will quickly be very uncomfortable. It will be very warm to wear with several layers of non-breathable plastic and isolating winter clothing topped off with woollen hats and the hoods of their jacket. This also helps in breaking their spirit: after being suited up and treated like a whore for a period of time they will understand this is the best they can do and work hard to please their men.

The new normal is that the average household has about 5 to 10 dhimmi cunts working for them with tasks ranging from cleaning to being sex toys. And once something happens to one of them, a new one is brought in as replacement like they are not even human.

The scenario you paint is clearly aimed at creating shock value by taken some current social trends and pushing them to the extreme in your fantasy world. Should your work be seen as the preferable end state of Western society, or should it be seen as a warning?

Part of the aim of my work is indeed intended as a warning to society about the road we are currently on. Many of the elements mentioned are current affairs where, in my view, global elites are getting richer at the expense of the regular population. I do not see that as a large conspiracy but as an indictment to individual governments taking away freedoms of their citizens, politicians starting global conflicts that they will profit from but their citizenry will pay the price for, and increasing wealth inequality in the world with a small group of people controlling an ever larger amount of the wealth.

Let’s keep the politics for what they are and focus back on the actual content you create. Rainwear is often part of the outfit the girls wear, how does that fit into your world and where does that come from?

The rainwear is included for its humiliating effect on the whores. Not that rainwear in itself is humiliating, but the way the gear is added in my pictures is that it is used as an outer layer to make the girl uncomfortably warm. The rainwear they wear is mostly PVC gear which has zero breathability. Adding this as a final layer will trap both their body heat as well as their sweat which will make it uncomfortable to keep on for a long day and serve men in. Added advantage of a final layer of PVC gear is that it traps the smells as well, which you can probably understand will build up with a diaper that fills up and sweat that is trapped under the plastic.

The backstory of the rainwear actually comes from my youth when the yellow Friesennerz was very popular in Germany. The combination of the bright yellow and it being worn by so many women make it a very interesting piece of gear to me. My earliest sexual adventures revolved around women and rainwear as well. Over time this fetish slowly ebbed away, but everything came back when meeting one new girl who had a white anorak. It took me a long time to build the confidence to ask her but she agreed on me taking some pics of her and that evolved into the images I post now.

Does this mean your art started out relatively innocent but become more extreme over time with new levels of humiliation added?

Absolutely, my older pics are more respectful towards the women with little to no humiliation taking place. Most shots were done indoors and there has been a period I made use of a green screen to photoshop the dressed up girls into the right setting. But not only the clothing has become more humiliating over time, with as the latest and most extreme additions a cow bell they wear around their neck and FFP2 masks, but I am now also doing more shoots outdoors. The locations can be part of the humiliation as well. For example they are fully dressed in their layers of gear standing or sitting next to a dumpster or tied to a tree in the middle of a walkway, mostly with their mouth open and ready to serve their masters. Below an example of an indoor humiliating shoot with a whore next to the toilet, ready to serve.

That is indeed a lot extremer than the picture we started with. Just to keep things clear, we are still talking here about a fantasy setting that brings the suggestion that these models are treated as inferior humans that need to be humiliated and sexually serve men right?

Of course the pictures just create the suggestion there is a lot going on, but these girls shown are models that get paid for their time and sign a contract before the shoot starts where they give me the right of ownership of the photos we make during the shoot. Some of the models only agree to portraits, while others are willing to go much further with humiliating outfits and situations.

Does it go even further?

Yes. Some of the models also agree to sex in their outfit and these pictures and videos are available on sharing platforms that allow this type of content.

That raises the question, do you do this for a living, like is there a paywall or membership area for your fans, or is this purely a hobby?

All my work is freely shared online. So far I have worked with about 280 different models and I normally make hundreds of pictures with each model. Due to the limited available spaces on many online sharing platforms I regularly create new accounts so the new batch of pictures is available for whoever wants to see them. My style of pictures should be quite recognizable and I mostly create accounts with Middle Eastern sounding names as that fits the theme of my work. Due to my unique style of photographs combined with humiliating texts and ridiculous outfits I think it is quite easy to recognize my work when you come across it, no matter which name is attached to the account.

If people want to follow you, what is the best place to regularly check to see if new photosets have come out? Like do you have one central place people should keep an eye on?

There is not one place where you can find my work, as I normally create new accounts when a previous account reaches the maximum number of content it can hold. But I mostly publish my pictures on ArtPal and DeviantArt as well as many other sharing platforms.

Just as an indication here are some of the more recent profiles with pictures: , ArtPal , , Flickr, Flickr , Flickr , Flickr, Flickr, Flickr, Flickr, Flickr, Flickr, Postimg , and there is so much more.