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Hello, welcome to my website.

My name is Sanne and I am a student in Amsterdam, the capital of The Netherlands. I grew up in a much smaller city in The Netherlands meaning the move to the “big city” was a eye-opener for me. It not only exposed me to much more diverse people, it also gave me tons of small clothing shops and fashion designers with private ateliers within walking distance. Even now I still find new places to shop, people to talk to, and meet fellow fashion enthusiasts in the strangest places.

Originally I was planning to make a small blog, but a good friend of mine proposed to turn it into a website so now I should put in the time and effort to make it worth your while. I hope it won’t disappoint you.

The goal of this website is to approach one aspect of fashion only: rainwear fashion. On this site I hope to give some backgrounds, fashion ideas, and general style information covering every type of clothing suited for bad weather.

66North rainwear with rubber Hunter boots

When I was young there was nothing I liked about rainwear. It was something purely practical for bad weather, not something to make a fashion statement with. This all changed in the early 2000’s when Hunter rainboots became popular and people started wearing them in combination with clothes normally not associated with foul weather. The trend soon picked up steam and several brands started introducing foul weather gear like rainboots, raincoats, and rainsuits.

In a period of less than 15 year rainwear went from unfashionable and purely practical to hot fashion items worn by celebrities and their followers on every occasion. This simply fascinated me, how could such a small niche of the clothing industry become so popular and have such an influence on the total fashion trend in such a short time?

On this website I will try to find out more of the background of raingear producers, look at the products they have introduced, see how this can be used to put together a fashionable outfit, and give some general tips and tricks on how to introduce rainwear to your daily wardrobe.

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