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Why rainwear?

From a young age onwards I really loved playing with water, either in the bath tub, the sink, or after the rain stopped and puddles were everywhere to jump in. At a later age, after having seen some beautiful nature around Europe, that love turned more into a fascination of moving water. Small creeks with water streaming through it, the waves in the sea pounding the rocks at shore, or the huge thunderstorms bringing tons of rain: it made me appreciate nature and the forces it can unleash.

Wearing rainwear gives me the chance to defy those forces, and be a sort of superhero in my own way. Put on a rainsuit and rainboots and nothing can hurt you anymore. It gives a feeling of security, power, and is still practical and even fashionable is combined well.

66North rainwear and Hunter rain boots

By creating this website I hope to be able to share some of my passion for rainwear and give people an idea how they can use raingear to create a fashionable outfit that is more than just protection against rain. Besides, writing about different brands, styles, and materials forces me to do research, find inspiration, and practice my English.