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Farmerrain from Sweden

Based on recommendations of some readers I have been looking into the Swedish Farmerrain rainwear brand and even though the brand name is rather unassuming, I am completely impressed by the extensive range and overall look of the products they have available.

farmerrain.com webpage

What I expected to see was a small range of functional rainwear for farmers – think extra padded pants and functional coats in mostly dark green colors. Instead I was surprised by a wide range of products in the most unexpected colors, plus a whole range of rainwear that is both fashionable and functional.

farmerrain instagram page

Range of products

The product range of Farmerrain can be divided into several categories: jackets, pants, coveralls, waders, and other products consisting of hats and gloves. The overalls and waders are purely functional clothing which can hardly be categorized as fashionable, so I will not look further into that. The same will go for the gloves, while the hats could be part of an interesting outfit although it is not an item that is very popular at the moment. The focus will therefore mostly be on the range of jackets and pants available.

Within the jackets category there is the choice for an anorak, which you have to put on over your head, and a normal jacket which would be easier to wear in everyday life. While the jacket is the obvious choice I have always had a weakness for the anorak as it stands out in a subtle way. Especially with the recent popularity of the Napapijri brand of rainwear an anorak is much more generally accepted these days.

raincoat farmerrain multi color rainwear

For pants you have the choice out of standard waist-high pants or higher bib pants which are common in the industrial range of many brands and high pants with a shoulder strap which are quite unique. While the normal pants would be the obvious choice for many, the higher pants give an extra (hidden) twist to a normal rainy days outfit. Higher pants can best be combined with a normal jacket, as opposed to an anorak, for the obvious reason that you want to be able to give the hint of the uncommon pants at some point by leaving the jacket open when the weather allows it. Below the pants with shoulder strap, in this case worn over a jacket which is a quite uncommon thing to do for the average user as it is normally intended when raingear is used to protect the wearer from water not falling from the sky.

raincoat farmerrain multi color rainwear

Range of colors and coatings

Something that stands out at Farmerrain is the depth of their range of raingear. Where other industrial range brands limit the color of their products to 1, 2, or maybe 3 different colors, Farmerrain goes a step further and has a wider range of colors, even including cute pink for some items. This shows that the brand is not completely positioned as a workwear range.

raingear raincoat rainpants pvc jacket pants

There is also a choice in different coatings for the basic range of rainwear: either matt or glossy (the Opalo products). This is very similar to Stutterheim and Hunter boots who sell their jackets and boots respectively with a matt and a shiny finish. Your choice of which coating to pick should depend on your personal preference with the glossy finish naturally being a lot more eye-catching. My personal favourite would be the red coat with a glossy finish as it stands out nicely without drawing too much attention.

glossy red raincoat rainpants farmerrain

Special designs

The number of raingear products and varieties available at Farmerrain is extensive already, but they also have some special designs, some of which are quite playful.

One of the most eye-catching special designs is the “joker” design which combines several colors. While I love the playful approach to rainwear it would not be my first choice as I would have trouble combining it in a complete outfit. The design is a bit too busy in my view drawing too much attention to the coat. Combining the jacket and coat in this same style would especially be a step “too much” for me personally.

raincoat farmerrain multi color rainwear

There are other special designs that would fit a larger audience better, for example a more simple combination of 3 colors that is easier to integrate into regular wear.  The style is much less playful but still steps away from the single-color items you see normally with heavy-duty raingear brands.

raincoat farmerrain multi color rainwear

The combination of single color pants matching the coat limits the busyness further, making it a more compelling outfit drawing less attention. The twist in the combination of pants and jacket as shown below is not so much in the colors of the jacket as in the high pants with the same pattern, making it stand out in a subtle way.

raincoat farmerrain multi color rainwear

Finally there is the checkered coat that caught my eye, mostly because the shown combination in the photo is a great fashionable combination already with the jeans and rubber boots.

farmerrain raingear rainwear raincoat

In summary

My overall preference goes to the single color raingear as I prefer to combine a normal fashionable clothing style with an element of industrial styled raingear to create a contrast. The special designs take away of the industrial look I normally prefer making it more a regular, less eye-catching rainwear choice.

Unlike with some other brands I don’t think one color, or one color combination, represents this brand best. This is unlike a brand like Helly Hansen and Guy Cotten for which yellow would be the obvious choice, or Grundens and 66North which are more iconic in orange. Just follow your personal preference and pick whichever color you like best. And completely unlike the other brands I would recommend combining different colors of jackets and pants to make it even more interesting. You can’t go wrong with a jacket and a pair of rain pants in yellow and blue, or blue and red, or whatever fits your personality best.

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  • Edward Dunne February, 2019, 4:03 pm

    Thanks for an excellent article on Farmerrain,

    • admin February, 2019, 6:43 am

      It was in the making for a while but I just ran out of time structurally. Thanks again for the recommendation to look at this brand as it positively surprised me with a huge range of nice products.

  • Rachel Rose May, 2019, 6:12 pm

    I just got my Opalo rain suit and it is amazing!

    • admin May, 2019, 6:23 am

      Thats cool, which color did you go for and I am curious to hear more once you have used it for a while (likes and dislikes).

  • Rachel Rose May, 2019, 2:10 pm

    Hello Van,
    1) the color I bought was red. It is very pleasing to look at and wear.
    2) I have several pictures of me working in the rain and wrote a review however the file was so big I could not email it to you contract address.
    I am going to load the pictures and the review onto my website and then you can pull down the pictures you like.

    • admin May, 2019, 7:06 am

      Thanks a lot. I guess the PROS suit on your website is the rainsuit you are talking about? It looks absolutely stunning, the shiny red would also be my first pick I guess, especially now that rainwear is much more of a fashion statement and can be eye-catching (unlike some time ago it all had to be stealthy and unremarkable). I didnt really look at the complete suits from farmerrain (coverall / overall) as I think it is less applicable for daily wear, but for working it should be perfect i suppose. Looking forward to a complete review (only one picture now shows on your website).

      • Rachel Rose May, 2019, 10:02 pm

        Hello Van,
        1) go look now on my site. I have several more pictures and comments.
        2) I have some comments on your last comment:
        …It looks absolutely stunning (yes it is, I already went one in yellow)
        … especially now that rainwear is much more of a fashion statement and
        can be eye-catching (I have already worn my black suit to work on the train. I did get compliments)
        …unlike some time ago it all had to be stealthy and unremarkable (all true, but I think rainwear is like anything else, some look boring and some like great)
        … as I think it is less applicable for daily wear (I wear my rains suit when the temperature is low enough)

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