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Stutterheim raincoats from Sweden

The story of Stutterheim raincoats reads like a dream to me, where a small designer of raincoats produces a classic rain coat and reaches world fame after celebrities like Jay Z, Kanye West, and Selena Gomez (pictured below) wear his product. This story started in 2010 when Alexander Stutterheim tried to pay homage to his grandfather by recreating the old raincoat he used to wear for fishing trips. He found his grandfather’s forgotten coat in the barn and set out to turn it into a fashionable prototype that would look well in the most extreme of weathers as well as in urban surroundings.

After meeting with the manager and two seamstresses of the last standing textile factory in Sweden they decide to produce the coats by hand and have them signed and numbered by the seamstress to guarantee quality. A first batch of 200 black coats were produced and sold from Alexander’s apartment and the demand for the coat showed he was on to something. Soon after the Stutterheim company moved to a professional location and many more models and colors were added to the line-up.

What I like so much about Stutterheim raincoats is that it is the first raincoat that broke the mould of rainwear being unfashionable in my home country of the Netherlands. All of a sudden the raincoat became a fashion item that was both practical in use but also made a great combination with a normal outfit. It was no longer something to wear as shortly as possible and only in the worst of weathers; it became something you wanted to be seen in.

Unlike other brands the Stutterheim raincoats did not try to look like a normal coat that was simply waterproof. It leaned more towards the heavier raincoats as seen in the heavy industries like fishing, but with an unassuming matt finish. The material is similar to materials used in industrial rainwear: a cotton lining with top coating of PVC. This makes the coats both durable and water resistant, and beautiful from close by (credit photo below).

Which coat to buy?

Stutterheim has a limited range of models, but the coats are available in many different colors with matt or shiny finish. The Arholma and Stockholm coat are the most popular models, where the Arholma has a slightly slimmer cut. The Stockholm version on the other hand has no separate lining making it a leaner version of the Arholma. I would recommend trying on both the coats before deciding which one is the best match.

My personal preference goes to the matt finished coats in dark or pastel colors, as they make the coat stealthier and therefore easier to combine with any outfit in a multitude of weather types. These raincoats are easy to combine with almost any outfit, so no need to put extra attention to it.

When, where, and how to wear your Sutterheim raincoat

The sizing of these raincoats goes from XXXS to XXL, and it is not recommended to go for a snug fit as the coat should be wearable over a summer outfit as well as a bulkier winter outfit. When trying on your coat you might notice the sleeves are often too long, something that is actually practical in rainy weather, although it is a good look to roll the sleeve once.

Do keep in mind that rubberized raincoats don’t breath meaning they will not be very suited for sunny weather. The size and weight of the coat also inhibits you from taking it along on a sunny day when you expect rain later on.

If you feel confident enough a Stutterheim raincoat in the bright yellow color might be a good fit, although there are many other classic rainwear brands producing coats in this classic yellow color. Please do not combine these coats with a pair of rubber rain boots in the exact same color, unless it is black, as that will dominate your entire look.

A successful fashionable look in a bright colored shiny finished coat is much harder to pull off, but it is possible and highly recommended for those who can make it as the overall look is simply gorgeous.

The brand nowadays also produces other items like shoes and umbrella’s, but why go for the Stutterheim brand if you are not looking for a matt finished unisex raincoat in a pastel color?

Who here owns a Stutterheim raincoat, and how do you like it? Please leave a comment below.

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  • Edward Dunne September, 2018, 5:32 pm

    Thank you for an excellent articles on different brands of rainwear, I also like Stutterheim, Ocean/Viking, Grundens, Farmerrain, AJ Pros,,

    • admin September, 2018, 7:03 am

      Hi Edward, you are welcome. I am not really familiar with the brands Viking, Farmerrain or AJ Pros, but I’ll take a look at those as well and see if there is anything I can write about it. The more I am looking into this subject the more brands I keep coming across I have never heard of before.

  • Edward Dunne September, 2018, 6:40 pm
  • Carol zimmerman October, 2018, 1:27 am

    Have you find a brand that would look good on shorter ladies. I live in Florida and would like polka dots or color

    • admin October, 2018, 5:05 am

      Being short should not be a limitation for buying from lots of brands; most fashion brands have a wide range of cuts and models. Even Stutterheim could be a good match, Selena Gomez pictured above is only 5 foot 5. Especially by going for a bit longer coat which is tailored you can extend your silhouette. Many of the brands I discuss here are mostly bulky and quite oversized, so stay away from those.

  • Ross B November, 2019, 3:52 am

    I love the shiny mens red jacket. Are you able to supply one?

    • admin November, 2019, 8:05 am

      That coat is also one of my favorites – not sure if it is because of the color and shine or just because of that photo that looks stunning – but I cannot supply one as I don’t sell raincoats. Stutterheim also completely stopped producing the shiny ( = opal) range of raincoats, except for the black version you can find on their website. You can maybe try finding a used one online or you will need to keep your fingers crossed for them to restart production.

  • Onslow December, 2019, 10:44 pm

    Hi – great articles & research !
    I am a Stutterheim fan – 3 Stockholm raincoats – Black matte / Black Opal / semi-transparent smoke and 2 others no longer produced ( a Peacoat & more standard style raincoat – neither of these has a hood ) . I have been buying them since they first started out .
    I think they are all great . The quality is amazing and they comfortable to wear .
    Only 2 niggles – rain tends to fill the pockets in a downpour and the hoods are not the best of fit . But certainly no deal breaker for me .
    An interesting and attractive thing is that they are permanently experimenting with different styles .
    They made short capes for a while and full length trench coats . I would have bought the latter but they disappeared ( assumed through lack of sales numbers ) . I tend to buy in their sales as the new prices are high ( but free shipping – which is worth a lot ) .
    I would like the Stockholm long but at 48″ , it is too long for me .
    I think the ” melancholy and weather demons ” slogan and theme is pretty smart marketing !
    Keep up the good work !

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