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Aigle rainboots from France

The history of the Aigle brand shows a lot of similarities with the Hunter brand as both have been incorporated around the same time after receiving a license to use Charles Goodyear’s patented vulcanization process in the 1850’s. This license gave the opportunity to use rubber to produce waterproof and lasting rubber boots of high quality. But while the companies stayed relatively close together for long, recently it becomes really clear the different paths both brands have chosen. Picture below of a blue pair of Mouline rainboots from Atelier Ethique.

Aigle rubber rain boots from France mouline

To notice the difference between Hunter, which mostly aims their products at urban trend setters and followers, you only have to take a look at a social media page of Aigle as shown below. What you will see is a completely different picture: the boots are muddy, pictured in a forest or upcountry, and the models look like they actually use the boots mostly for functionality instead of for fashion. While Aigle does have a range of boots for urban settings, the core of this French company stays close to its history: comfortable rubber boots for real use in the countryside.

Aigle rubber rain boots from France instagram

And these rubber boots, which are meant for upcountry use, look the part. Expect sturdy soles with a good profile, darker colors, and no fancy details just for show. Where Hunter produces rubber boots in almost any bright color imaginable, Aigle sticks to black, dark brown, dark green, and similar colors for most boots in their range. While this gives the boots a unique look, and is quite functional for upcountry use, it does make them harder to combine in an impressive outfit when you are not planning to walk your dog through the forest.

Aigle rubber rain boots from France

My favorite look would be to combine the Aiglentine range rainboots with a simple pair of jeans and a sweater or coat in basic darker colors, think dark green, black, grey, or brown. Avoid bright colors, fancy details, and busy patterns as that will clash with the general style of the boot. While it would not be preferred wear for an evening out in the city, I do see it as a more practical outfit suitable for daily chores like grocery shopping, walking the dog, or working around the house. Especially the comfort of the boots will make them a great addition for everyone who loves hiking or has some forest nearby where your dog can go for a run. Picture below from Lexpress.fr.

Aigle rubber rain boots from France

Besides the mostly practical inspired rainboots, Aigle also has boots for urban use. The two most recognizable ranges are Macadames and the Mouline series. The Macadames have been introduced only recently and are best described as feminine rainboots with a decorative strap around the ankle. These boots are available in 3 different heights, from a full boot to an ankle boot and a low boot, and only 4 colors: black, bronze, dark grey, and metallic.

Aigle rubber rain boots from France

The color range of the Macadames range is quite limited with only serious colors, but the versatility on how to combine these 4 colors with daily outfits are endless. I would not recommend people buying a brightly colored rainboot as a first boot as it will attract a lot of attention and when you wear the same boots a second time a week later it will give the impression you wear similar outfits all the time. By sticking to a more neutral and less flamboyant color you can wear the boots on more occasions without giving the impression you always wear the same. The decorative strap will break the otherwise boring rain boot just enough to give it a bit of flair, but it will not draw too much attention.

Aigle rubber rain boots from France

The Malouine range of rainboots, on the other hand, is meant to attract attention. These colorful rain boots were introduced in 1977 and have not changed much since. They fall lower than normal rain boots so combine them with tight fitting pants that can be stuck into the boot. The overall look of your outfit should stay inconspicuous, and the rain boots are supposed to attract the attention. Picture below by Juliette Kitsch.

Aigle rubber rain boots from France

Especially in case you go for the red or yellow version, you don’t want to wear many more clothing items that attract a lot of attention. Fun detail of this range of rainboots is that they are also available for kids, meaning you can go for matching outfits in the rain. Picture below by Jess Soothill.

Aigle rubber rain boots from France mouline

While looking into the Aigle brand I noticed that the popularity of the boots is virtually non-existent compared to Hunter boots. Do an online search for Hunter boots and you will find thousands of different pictures of different boots combined with different outfits, while almost the only presence of Aigle rainboots can be found on their own social media sites. Almost all pictures shown here are therefore from their social media presence in English and French.

To me this is quite a waste as the brand has some interesting boots on offer that bring something else than the Hunter boots everyone already has. Instead of going for another pair of Hunter boots with a slightly different color, consider a pair of Aigle boots.

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