My rainwear collection

Believe it or not, my collection of rainwear is extremely limited. But what I have I wear regularly, although I do think rainwear should be “functional clothing” in the first place. With other words, don’t expect me walking around in a raincoat on a sunny day.

66North rainsuit

66North raingear from Iceland

After graduating high-school I had the opportunity to travel to Iceland with my best friend where we explored the beauty of nature. We circled the complete island and saw the most impressive sites one could imagine. Because of the treacherous weather in Iceland, and us being relatively unprepared clothing wise, we decided to go with the local rainwear brand 66North as prices of clothing are extremely high in this part of the world. Dressed in rainwear we were able to explore every site of the country no matter the weather. 

66North raingear from Iceland

These 10 days of holiday made a lasting impression on me. I felt completely free, was able to spend time with my best friend in the most beauty nature we have ever seen, and at the same time I felt completely in control, for the first time in my life. No matter the weather or whatever Mother Nature could unleash at us, we defied it without problems and even enjoyed it. Not a drop of water came through, and the more it rained and stormed the more I wanted to go out and enjoy it.

My orange 66North rainsuit is still in use today, as often as possible. Wearing it bring back memories of that trip. 66North raingear from Iceland hunter boots

Hunter rubber wellington rainboots

Of course I also own a pair of rain boots, how can anyone go without these days? These boots are in use regularly. While they are glossy black I do not wear them as regular shoes, but whenever the situation allows it they will be my boots to go to. Not just in foul weather, but also when I walk the dog or some cleaning or gardening work needs to be done. While these boots are still part of my collection, they gave up on being waterproof after about 2 years making them only suitable for pictures and not for wearing in the rain anymore.

hunter rubber rain boots

As a replace I purchased a pair of no-brand wellies from China. The purchase was mostly motivated by a need to be able to keep my feet dry when going out and not so much by a love for the specific brand, model, or colour. In due time a new pair of one of the bigger brands will likely appear but till that time these will be my new go-to rainboots.

rubber boots blue from china

Guy Cotten rainsuit

Ever since writing about different rainwear brands my list of items I would really like to have slowly expanded. But I didn’t just want to buy stuff t have it, to wear it only a few times, and then discard away. So I needed to be sure what I wanted and be confident that I would actually use it.

After long deliberations I finally decided to go with some Guy Cotten rainwear as this was the raingear that really stuck with me after writing about it. The yellow Rosbras rainjacket would be the most obvious choice, but I finally decided for the X-Trapper jacket mostly because I saw so many pictures of it online of mostly rough and tough fishermen, and fisherwomen, wearing it. This whole workwear aspect made the X-Trapper more interesting to me, as it was more than just some nice looking fashion. Besides the X-trapper jacket I also purchased the Pouldo trousers to keep the overall 2-tone profile a bit limited. 

Agu rainsuit

This rainsuit was a gift from my beloved friend who mostly found out about my interest in rainwear from reading this site. The suit is a vintage Agu original made somewhere in the seventies or eighties. While the suit might seem to be in perfect condition in pictures, its age is showing and and it is not completely waterproof anymore. But still, I am extremely thankful she gave me the opportunity to experience this rainwear in person as it would be difficult, and expensive, to come by these days.

agu rainsuit original rubberized nylon