Frequently Asked Questions

Below some answers to the most common questions I get, just in case you are interested…

What is your gender?

It is one of the most common questions I get and I suppose it is partly because my name, Sanne, is not common outside of The Netherlands. I am female and my pronouns are she/her. I am also straight but do not like to receive images of the private parts of males, strange right? My name does not go well in English as one out of 2 syllables magically diappears: in Dutch it is San-nuh (Sanne), but in English it becomes San (like Suzanne without the “Su”). Anyways, San will do well for me also.

How often do you publish something new?

Keep in mind that writing a complete article takes a lot of time. While you might read it in 5 minutes, it takes me dozens of hours to make from start to finish. It starts with an idea, followed by a lot of research, writing out the concept, finding or creating pictures, writing the main article, followed by spell checking and publishing.

I understand most readers would like daily updates, if not new writing then at least new pictures, but I simply don’t have time for that. I do this in my free time, whenever I feel like it. Sometimes I write a lot or take a lot of new pictures and other times I don’t think about rainwear for days when I am busy with other stuff or when I just finished writing a long article that took a lot of effort.

If you want to stay informed when new articles come out you can best follow me on social media. In the past I sometimes mentioned what I was working on or what my plans were, but I won’t do that anymore as it might give false hope. Just check in every now and then and you might find something new.

How do you take your pictures?

Let me start by stating that I am not an expert in photography, or really understand too much of how my camera works. I had the opportunity to purchase a DSLR second-hand some time ago and the camera does most of the work for me. After taking the pictures I edit them in Photoshop, mostly to remove ugly spots and adjust the lighting slightly.

Almost all my pictures feature me as the model and are taken by a friend of mine (sometimes) or with a tripod and distance shooting app (mostly). I do not feel very comfortable in front of a camera and want to keep the focus on the rainwear instead of me, so don’t expect any sexy poses or quality shoots in public.

Will you ever show your face?

No. I prefer to keep myself out of the picture, literally and figuratively, as the focus should be on the rainwear and not me. Not showing myself or sharing too much personal information also makes it easier to keep this hobby separate from my normal life. This way I can share pictures or information here I wouldn’t want everyone around me to know about me.

Besides, you can use your imagination. Why ruin that perfect picture from your dreams with what I actually look like, hihi.

Do you want to chat or meet up?

While I am interested in rainwear and are always open to hear different opinions, experiences, and ideas, I am not really looking for people to chat with. If you want to have discussions about rainwear you can join one of the several mailgroups, forums, or discords about rainwear and talk with like-minded people there. Some people have contacted me by mail though and shared some really interesting stories and facts which helped me greatly with content and as fact-check, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you have something to share.

My social life is pretty busy, or at least it was before Covid19, so I am not looking for meetups. I can imagine what some people would think a meeting based upon a shared interest in rainwear would look like, and it probably involves a perfect click and a ton of hot action, but I am not really looking for that.

If you live in The Netherlands and ever come across me in public, maybe you recognize me by my rainwear, please keep it to yourself and don’t approach me. It would give a very strange stalking vibe if someone who I never met before would come up to me to talk about this site, and would probably be one of the most obvious reasons to remove the whole site and all its content.

Maybe my stance on meetups or chatting will change in the future, who knows.

Do you have this rainwear thing all figured out?

Frankly, no. While it might sometimes seem that I know what I am talking about, I am just figuring things out over time myself. There is a lot to explore and my interests sometimes go from one thing to the next, but I try to just follow my feelings and experiment when I am ready. Thats maybe also why I am not planning to do any meetups anytime soon: I first need to figure out what I like and dislike by myself to avoid being pushed a certain way or feeling I am obliged to comply with the expectations of other people. In many cases I also think that the idea of experiencing certain things might be better than the real thing. I got a good fantasy so real-life might have trouble catching up.

The advice I got before starting this website was to go slow and follow my heart. So instead of cramping in lots of experimenting and meetups in one year, I should have a 10-year horizon and just enjoy the ride.

(apologies I am not very specific here with what I am talking about, but I hope you can get something helpful out of it anyways)

Can we support you ($$) in any way?

This is a hobby for me and I barely make any costs. The hosting for the website is done by a friend, the web address is relatively cheap, and I only buy new rainwear if I really want to: not so I can write about it, review it, or take pics of it.

I don’t have an onlyfans, patreon, koffee, or paypal. I have no wishlist on Amazon with stuff you can buy me, nor ask for any money for my writings or pictures. You can read everything here for free and see and share my pictures for free. If you do share, please link it back to my profile, as that might help extend my reach.

Maybe this will all change in the future, but for now I am just doing this for fun. As soon as I get an income from it, I will have to produce more regularly, and it will become work.

Another form of support is highly appreciated though: if you come across some interesting information, old pictures, or interesting writings please let me know as I can maybe use the information in my writings or for my research. I’ve had people tell me personal stories about the rainwear community decades ago, or send me scans of old catalogues of rainwear. These things are very interesting to receive and hard to find online, so please support me in that way when possible.

What more can we expect in the future?

What I currently enjoy most is giving a complete perspective of certain rainwear brands or specific rainwear items, including the history, what role it played in fashion, how it integrates into some fetishes, and if it is still relevant for current day wear. I am most proud of my general writings about Mackintosh raincoats and rubber boots, and my brand specific writing about Klepper rainwear, Helly Hansen, and Agu. My goals is to extend previous writing in a similar fashion, add more general articles, and maybe add some more reviews of brands. I also made a video about the history of the Agu rainsuit, which was very interesting to do, and would like to do something similar about other rainwear items in the future.