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There is the option to leave comments at the bottom of articles (just go to the main article as this option is not available from the home page), but if you rather contact me directly you can reach me on the following email:

vandeursensanne017 at gmail dot com

I am open for general tips and tricks about this website, rainwear, and would love to hear from you in case you want me to discuss certain products, brands, styles, material, etc. And while I do my best to reply to most people, the response has sometimes be overwhelming, and sometimes kind of “strange”, so I have not always responded in the best way possible (or I have not responded at all). 

Below some answers to the most common questions I get, just in case you are interested…

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In case you left a comment and it doesn’t appear a few days later under the article, there is a good chance it got picked up by the spam filter. This gets triggered if you leave a website link in the comment, so maybe try again without a link or hit me up directly.


It would be really helpful if you could help support me making this content. Don’t worry, I will not be asking for any money or gifts (no ko-fi, no patreon, no onlyfans, etc), but I would appreciate feedback, information, or ideas. So if you read something that is incorrect or incomplete, please let me know and I can produce a more correct and complete story. Links to other websites with information or knowledge you found elsewhere is also highly appreciated. If you have a page or photo album yourself that I can share, let me know and maybe I can feature it here with links to your content.


Many people ask me how I make my pictures, what equipment I use, etc. So instead of answering those questions one by one, let me make a mention of it here and hopefully that will be helpful enough for most.

Let me start by stating that I am not an expert in photography, or really understand too much of how my camera works. Luckily I got a decent camera that does most of the thinking for me: a Canon 6D dslr. I got this camera second-hand some time ago which saved me a lot of money as they can be pretty expensive when bought new. A friend of mine, who is more skilled in photography, helped me with the basic settings and as long as I don’t touch too many buttons the pictures come out nicely.

Most pictures I try to make in natural light as that gives me the best results. So I either venture outdoors or, more likely, pick a spot near a window on a bright day. I know you can also get good pictures with artificial light, but that would require changing the setup of my camera and some more knowledge of photography, lol.

The hardest parts are coming up with ideas for pictures and actually taking them. I normally save pictures that I come across online with an interesting perspective and use that for inspiration. Some of my pictures, especially close-ups, I take by myself, but in other cases I either use a tripod to photograph myself or have a friend help me out with strange angles or ideas that require someone adjusting the framing on the fly. I am normally not too comfortable of pictures taken of me, so when possible I prefer to experiment by myself.

Once pictures are taken, something I do rather irregularly as it takes time and effort in preparing, getting inspiration, and getting my photographer over, I normally adjust the frame and colors slightly in photoshop (plus removing some specs of dirt and dust when necessary). This is under a minute of work normally per picture, so don’t expect too much of my photoshopping skills.

The posting of pictures happens mostly randomly: it is very well possible I post a picture of last week today, and next week I post one that is already over a year old. This all happens in at my own speed, whenever I feel like posting.