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There is the option to leave comments at the bottom of articles (just go to the main article as this option is not available from the home page), but if you rather contact me directly you can reach me on the following email:

vandeursensanne017 at gmail dot com

I am open for general tips and tricks about this website, rainwear, and would love to hear from you in case you want me to discuss certain products, brands, styles, material, etc. And while I do my best to reply to most people, the response has sometimes be overwhelming, and sometimes kind of “strange”, so I have not always responded in the best way possible (or not responded at all). I know that part of the input for this website comes from people around the world, in the form of information or pictures, so I should spent more time on social relations which is not really my strongest suit.

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In case you left a comment and it doesn’t appear a few days later under the article, there is a good chance it got picked up by the spam filter. This gets triggered if you leave a website link in the comment, so maybe try again without a link or hit me up directly.