Behind the picture – Rainwear on television

This edition of Behind the Picture will be a bit different. Instead of exploring the story behind a certain powerful or interesting rainwear picture it will be a look at the backgrounds of 3 pictures. Or more accurately: three print screens. The images being discussed this time are actually stills from television programs where the host was wearing a complete rainwear outfit.

Heels on Wheels

Images of young ladies in rainwear are regularly shared online already, let alone a single image with three nice looking ladies all fully geared up in rainwear. Many different print screens of these ladies have been shared, as well as print screens of one of these three ladies separately.

The Story

The small logo in the top left of the screen already gives it away: this is a television show. The particular program was introduced in 2006 on Dutch commercial television under the name “Wheels on heels”. Instead of the played out trope of well-informed male car enthusiasts, they had three younger females with broadcasting experience do the show. For this particular part the ladies have to do a challenge where they need to check and top-up the liquids and the tires of their own car. To make it a bit more interesting for the viewers, the one being tested will be sprayed with water by the other two to mimic adverse circumstances. This obviously creates the need for rainwear.

Naturally the program makers chose for gear that brings some contrast to the screen. All three ladies have been put in some heavy-duty PVC gear in contrasting bright colours. The choice of gear is actually remarkable as thick PVC gear is not a common sight in The Netherlands. Especially not with a sou’wester added. It gives some great visuals though with the gear continuously glistering from the water on a nice day out.

You can find the complete clip on youtube, and several extra print screens have been added below. The quality of the print screens is not great as they come from a 480p youtube recording of some 16 year old Dutch television show.

All against 1

The combination of a young lady completely put in yellow raingear, sitting in a car nicely covered in plastic, brings up a lot of questions. And while many dirty minds might have had field days with this already, the real background is relatively innocent.

The Story

The still comes from the Norwegian television program “All against 1”. The idea is simplistic entertainment: one candidate is asked the outcomes of some strange or funny experiments and then the experiment is played out. Either the candidate or “the Norwegian people” are closest to the correct answer and score points.

In this particular experiment the question is how much water will be left in the car if it is put through an automated washing street with the windows open. To avoid lasting damage to the car the inside is covered in plastic and for some unclear reason they put this young lady in the car as well. Of course she needs to be protected: a bright yellow rainsuit topped off with a yellow sou’wester and a pair of safety goggles. The whole point of the lady in the car is to stretch the segment out as much as possible and create interesting television.

The picture of the lady clad in yellow raingear is a great visual and the gear is actually used functionally. It seems like a decently fashionable PU rainsuit that unfortunately does not get much more attention. One reader pointed out the rainsuit is of the Norwegian brand Stormberg, but this specific model is not being produced anymore. You can find the complete show on the site of  NRK TV, with the segment of the rainwear starting around 15 minutes in.

Some extra print screens below:

Tine’s guide

This image is more recent that the previous two, so it has been shared less. But the visuals are much more interesting, mostly because of the crisp views of the beautiful heavy duty gear with perfect lighting.

The Story

This is a Danish television production: Tine’s Guide. The concept of the program is a bit unclear to me, but it feels like a short guide on how to spend your autumn holiday without spending money. It should be seen as light humoristic content with one of the tips being that you can send a message in a bottle as that is free of charge.

The choice of gear is great in this clip, although it does not seem to fulfil any purpose. The presenter is dressed in some beautiful yellow PVC rainwear consisting of bib pants, a jacket, and a sou’wester. They shoot this segment near the water, but since she never gets wet the gear is mostly used as an eye catcher. And this works.

It is nice to see the rainwear being used in regular circumstances; even without it getting wet it certainly looks great on her. Interesting detail is how she has chosen to wear the bib pants over the jacket, something that can be interpreted as a hint to “fellow rainwear enthusiasts”; it highlights the bib pants which would otherwise be easily forgotten in this clip. Minor downside is that she does not have the shoulder strap adjusted well enough and needs to put it back over her shoulder several times. You can find the complete segment on the site of the broadcaster. And below some extra print screens: