Behind the picture – Bas in Agu rainwear

The goal of this “Behind the Picture” series is to explore not only the story behind a certain powerful or interesting rainwear picture but also the person depicted in the picture or the photographer who created the image. All too often a picture is shared online endlessly; the people in the picture are reduced to objects or subjected to speculation about their motivations and feelings, and nobody will ever find out what was really behind the image.

The picture

The first time I came across this picture was about 3 years ago when I wrote an article about the Dutch Agu brand which had introduced a line of nylon rubberized rainwear in the seventies. While the rainwear hasn’t been produced for a couple of decades already, there is still a fanbase for this vintage gear. The stream of new images showing this gear is slowly drying up though, together with the supply of this rainwear.

The reason this picture speaks to me is that it invites the mind to see if it is sexy, instead of pushing it in your face by posing bent-over or by a hand grabbing the crotch area. You could easily glance over this picture and scroll further as it shows less of the male body than you would see on a beach or at the swimming pool. But when you stop and do give it a further look you will notice there is more going on. For example what is the state of the person shown, is he resting or passed out? With the chest visible and bare feet it is easy to imagine he is probably not wearing anything under this rainsuit, but why is he having it on indoors while lying on the bed? And to anyone who has experience with this type of rubberized rainwear you can easily imagine the sensation of putting it on over your naked body. There are no clear signs of bodily arousal, luckily as that would cheapen the picture, but there is enough room for you to imagine certain things are going on right below the surface of the material. A final point of notice is the combination of the dark blue and bright orange. Agu never sold this combination so my guess is that 2 different rainsuits are combined, quite successfully I must say, to one outfit.

Agu original rainsuit rainwear 70s 80s raincoat rainpants rubber rubberized nylon regenpak regenjas regenbroek

The Story

Meet Bas, a fellow Dutch who I have talked to before about using this specific picture for my write-up about the Agu brand. Besides granting me permission to use the picture he has also supplied me with several other pictures of just Agu rainwear. All of that was from before I had my very own vintage Agu rainsuit, so I was still quite naive back then regarding the sensational features of this gear.

Can you tell a bit more about this specific photo?

This is actually quite an old photograph that I had taken maybe 15 or 20 years ago. The abs are since long gone I am afraid, haha. I must have been somewhere in my twenties and been active in the fetish scene for a short time. This picture was one of the pictures I used for my online dating profile as I thought it represented me in the best way possible by displaying my fetish as well as keeping me quite anonymous in case the picture got shared online. Later I also added it to an online art community which, back then, was quite lenient regarding sexually explicit material. I guess the picture got indexed from there which is how you found it in your search results.

Specifically about the picture, I think it was a bit of a lucky shot. There was little planning involved with the setup and composition, I just got lucky and cherished the results. Since the picture is almost ancient already and gives me enough anonymity, I am fine with it being shared. In a way it is flattering. The only thing I regret is that I haven’t kept a high resolution version myself. When you contacted me recently I tried to find one but it must have been lost at some point when switching computers. Not that I want it printed to hang over my bed or something, but just to keep as a memory.

Can you tell a bit more about the raingear shown and what your relationship to it is?

The gear shown is vintage rainwear from the Agu brand, and you are right when you said it is a combination of a raincoat from a blue rainsuit and pants from an orange rainsuit. I actually have the complete orange rainsuit but for a picture it became too much orange which is why I combined it with the blue. Both items I have purchased online from a second-hand website which is very popular in The Netherlands.

My love for Agu rainwear must have originated in middle-school when I owned my first Agu rainsuit. Back then these suits were quite common: often handed down a generation as quality was excellent. Unfortunately it started to leak at some point and I grew out of it, so it was replaced with a brand-spanking new rainsuit from another brand. That was the moment I realized how much I preferred the Agu rainwear, and started to purchase it online whenever it was on offer and the owners did not ask ridiculous prices. Back then it was a bit of a wild west as there was no buyer protection and after transferring money you just had to hope they would ever send anything. I got lucky and the quality of most items was as advertised. Over time I have built up a small collection of Agu rainwear in different colors.

So you got lucky with this orange and blue combination, do you still have them today and do they get much use?

While I still have this combination, it does not get as much attention anymore as it did in the past. Over time I started to realize that my attraction to the Agu rainwear was mostly based on the rubber lining, and less on the rainwear part. I think we differ a lot here, where you like every aspect of the rainwear and take the rubber as part of the deal; it is the rubber that does the trick for me. Over time I switched more towards rubber clothing which is not only easier available but actually also more affordable compared to what is asked for vintage Agu rainwear nowadays.

Thank you very much for this interview. Is there any way people can follow you on social media or do you have a website you would like to promote?

You are most welcome. And I do not have any related social media profile anymore. Like I said the picture was part of my dating profile and since I have been happily married. Of course I am still active on social media but that is all with vanilla profiles.

In case you ever decide you want to get rid of your collection of vintage Agu rainwear, please let me know because I would be very interested.

Sure, I will, haha. Good luck with your website.