About me

What seems to be mostly on people’s mind is my gender, so let’s get that out of the way first: I am female, prefer the pronouns she/her, and am straight. And still I don’t appreciate receiving pictures of male genitalia. What are the odds?

My relationship with rainwear has evolved over time.

The earliest memories I have are using raincoats for dressing up, just because the material felt nice on my skin, and playing in the sink with a tiny model of a rubber boot. That completely innocent interest grew over time, but the idea of having these special feelings made me uncomfortable. That even went so far as not wanting to wear any rainwear while biking to school in a downpour. And it rains often in The Netherlands. Seeing other people in rainwear was a pleasure, but a fear of wearing it myself and someone else noticing my abnormal interest in it were a deterrent strong enough to keep arriving at school with soaked pants.

A combination of rainwear becoming more fashionable and my self-acceptance growing in every possible way gave me the confidence to accept my growing interest in rainwear. At first I tested the waters carefully, for example by ending up in the uncomfortable situation of being on a trip to Iceland without having proper raingear and the only affordable rainwear available being a local brand that sells bright orange heavy-duty PVC raingear. What a shame that I now had to buy some of that gear that I had an eye on for some time already. Naturally I ended up wearing my brand-new gear on a daily basis as the changing weather there was the perfect excuse for PVC rainwear. Further acceptance grew over time with me bringing up the courage explaining my interests to some friends and finally starting this website to explore both rainwear and my feelings further.

My interest goes further than just the practical or fashionable sides of rainwear. The sensation of wearing it, feeling slightly uncomfortable in the heavy fabric while simultaneously feeling absolute freedom and invincible against the elements, but also the history of rainwear in general, of specific brands in particular, and the relationship and preferences people in different regions have with rainwear. The public perception has changed rapidly in recent years, from rainwear being just functional to it becoming so fashionable that rubber rainboots were worn on hot summer days and PVC Stutterheim raincoats could be seen everywhere when there was a possibility of rain appearing anytime soon. Rainwear has even got a place in certain kinky subcultures, from rubber rainboots being an almost logical choice to combine with a latex outfit to whole magazines, websites, and member meetings revolving around rainboots, raincoats, and rainsuits.